Een echte Jansen


Vera is a Dutch artist born and raised in The Hague. In the same city she graduated in graphic design and typography at the Royal Academy of Art. An academy famous for typedesign. This background characterizes her artwork. Although she doesn’t use text, shape and countershape are the backbone of her colorful artwork. With casual hand-cut stencils she creates semi figurative acrylic paintings. ‘I’m fascinated by shapes and the effect of countershapes. When I start an artwork, I let myself surprise by the countershapes and colors arising by adding different layers of paint. Most of the time I see something inspiring after a while. From that moment on I try to find the most interesting but also balanced composition possible making use of contrast. Sometimes I try to work without color, but I just can’t. Before I start an artwork I do not know what the end result will be. The technique I use comes with annoying effects sometimes. The interesting part of fixing these effects are the new unexpected changes of composition. Only when I succeed in making a surprising, interesting or funny representation legible from a distance and with bad lighting I’m satisfied.’

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